Going about getting the right size of your bridal bouquet

Goa is a beautiful location to tie the knot amongst the beautiful beaches swaying palms and the gorgeous sunset. Bridal bouquets need to be given some thought to according to the environment especially when outfoors.  Bridal bouquets beautifully compliment the wedding dress.  There are a few things to consider while picking out the right one for you. There are a few basic styles and combinations we have set up to help find the right size for you. A personal stylist or your event coordinator will be able to guide you in choosing one as well however these details must be kept in mind.

For the smaller brides

If you are medium heighted or less a scaled down size of around sixteen to eighteen inches in diameter will accent your physique, which is called a nosegay. A posy is even smaller in comparison to a nosegay would be proportionate as well.  A composite bouquet made up of individual flower petals that are wired to a single stem creates an illusion of one large flower. This works really well when you do not wish to work with a larger diameter for a bouquet.

For the larger figured brides

A round bouquet in your hands will look just perfect as it balances between a cascade and is a bit bolder than a nosegay. Try out a Biedermeier bouquet that highlights flowers with concentric circles if you are planning for a very formal style of wedding.

The Bouquet in proportion to your gown

If you have a ball gown selected , it has a very grand and impressive flow to it and you need a bouquet that would be similar to match. The key here is to remember that if your bouquet is too small, the sea of dress fabric would make difficult to notice. In this case, larger sized bouquet will help balance the large flows of dress with the pretty flowers in your hands.

If your choice of gown is a slim silhouette, a smaller posy or even a nosegay would be the fit size of fit. In this case the larger the bouquet gets it ends up hiding your shape.

A gown that has a lot of work on it that is decorated with crystals or even sashes you would not want the bouquet in covering all the work in the gown. A nosegay would work much better that a cascading set of blooms. The more work there is on the gown the more the boquet would have to be toned down  as you do not want to crowd everything up with too many blooms

The Bouquet and the reception venue

For venues with elaborated spaces, going in for a smaller bouquet will be less insignificant. Choose a round bouquet rather than a bitsy bunch. If you want to going for something a bit more dramatic try a cascading bouquet.

Lily’s or orchids go well when the reception venue is of a smaller space as you do not want a large bouquet to overpower your space.  If your choice is a cascading styled bouquet, keep it as simple and minimalistic as possible with a single flower type rather than multiple.

For an outdoor reception style a  bouquet that works with the surrounding. Go natural in a backyard setting with a handtied bouquet but if it is a beach wedding you may want to pick out something much grander. For brides that need help in making the right selection, you are welcome to pay us a visit we are always happy to help. Our office address is here.